Replica Crossbow World

Replica Crossbow World

Replica Crossbow World is a family run company established in 1979, during this time we have taken great care and attention in replicating weapons that would equal those of the old craft masters themselves pocket option withdrawal proof. Our expertise stretches as far as reproducing melee weapons, armour, halberds, medieval firearms and crossbows.

However our greatest passion here at Replica Crossbow World is in the reproduction of historical crossbows, each crossbow is made with enormous attention to detail based on the study of historical documentation.

Each crossbow is handmade, hand engraved and fully operational. We use only the finest materials available, hardwood from maple, walnut, pear or apple tree, bone, steel, natural fibre, hemp and flex Due to our vast experience and meticulous attention to detail we are able to recreate effective fully functional replica crossbows.

The history of crossbows begins in the 4thcentury BC in China, although a type of crossbow called the gastraphetes may have been independently invented in Greece at about the same time. It was not until the 10th or 11th century AD that the crossbow became a significant military weapon in Europe. It passed from genral military service in the 16th cenyury.

The role of the corssbow became very important in the late medieval period, as it was one of the first hand-held distance weapons that could be used by an untrained soldier.Unlike the longbow the crossbow is easier to shoot as the sring does not have to remain drawn while aiming , subsequently less body strenght is required for operation. However during battle the crossbowman was particularly vulnerable while reloading and requred some form of defence like a wall or a sheild to be fully effective.

Crossbows were not only used as weapons of war, but www were also used for hunting and target shooting. The most powerful of crossbows were able to penetrate the armour of a fully amoured soldier and kill him at 200 yards.

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